Basford Lawn Tennis Club

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Tuesday 22 September 2020, Summer Ladder Round 4

Please complete matches and send results to Mike Baggaley by midnight on Tuesday 22nd September.

1Mackenzie CroftsDavid O'Connell     
Daniel Hall      
Keith Gibbs      
Justin Lim      
2David O'Connell 44010Robbie Fricker ↑
Iain Cartwright 42412 
Robbie Fricker 24412 
Peter James Plumb 2204Peter James Plumb ↓
3Luke Chittenden 4229Steven Crofts ↑
Steven Crofts 44415 
Keith Whalley 1248 
Luke Viggars 1428Luke Viggars ↓
4Mike Baggaley 44212Mike Baggaley ↑
David Caddy 40410 
Mark Mellor 04410 
Tyler Kent 0022 

Organiser: Mike Baggaley