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The need for more members was emphasized at the annual general meeting of the Basford Lawn Tennis Club held in the club pavilion last night.
The President (Mr. A. P. Ford) presided and he was supported by Mr H. R. Mawdesley (Chairman of the Management Committee), Mr P. T. N. Forester and Mr. A. C. Swann.
The statement of accounts, presented Mr. Forester, showed a small loss on the year, but it was explained that this was mainly due to unusual expenses in connection with pavilion extensions.
On the proposition of Mr. H B. Mawdesley, the following resolution was adopted: That members under 23 years of age on May 1st be required to pay only half the recognised subscription and that new members under 23 years of age on May 1st be admitted without payment of entrance fee.
Mr. Mawdesley said the Management Committee hoped that this resolution would be the means of attracting new members.
The president congratulated the winners of the club trophies. The Wenger Cup (men) was won by Mr. J. B. Haden, that for the ladies by Miss C. M. Jones and the Heatley-Shirley Cup by J. B. Haden and Mrs. A. J. Lewis.
Mr. Ford, referring to the pavilion extensions, said they had cost £230, and of this sum £100 had still to be provided. He expressed the thanks of the members to Mr. Noke and Mr. Swann for their work in connection with the extensions, and to Mr. Mawdesley for his great interest in the affairs of the club as Chairman of the Management Committee.
Mr. A. C. Swann thanked the ladies for their work on the tea committee, and MR. F. L. Wilkes spoke on the necessity for more men players, suggesting that each member should introduce a friend to the club.
On the proposition of Mr. C. J. Noke, it was decided to send a letter of thanks to Mr. N. F. Gibbons, the former Secretary and Treasurer, who had left the district. Mr. Gibbons, said Mr. Noke, had occupied practically every post in the club at one time or another. He was the captain for the first three years of the club’s existence and had been one of its most enthusiastic members ever since.
The members stood in silence in memory of the late Mr. H. T. Heatley, one of the founders of the club.
A vote of thanks to Mr. Ford for his work as President during the year was carried with acclamation.
Officers were elected as follows: President, Mr. C. J. Noke; Vice-President, Mr. P. T. N. Forester; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. F. Wilkes; Hon. Secretary, Mr. A. C. Swann; Hon. Auditor, Mr. J. C. Bladen.
Mrs. Munro, Mrs. Noke, Mrs. Preece and Messrs. Ford, Forester, Haden, Mawdesley and Turner were elected to the Management Committee.

Evening Sentinel, 08 February 1939
Courtesy of The Sentinel News & Media

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