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2019/20 Winter Ladder Leaderboard To February 05

One point is awarded for each game won at a scheduled ladder match.
Games won by a substitute player do not count either for the substitute or the substituted player.
If two players have the same number of points, the player with more appearances is ranked higher.
Details of Winter Ladder matches can be found under Events.
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1Anthony Podmore1168
2Adina Ardeleanu1138
2Ian Tarpey1138
4Steven Crofts1128
5Mike Armstrong1118
6Mackenzie Crofts1098
7Cameron Stevens-Thys1076
8Keith Gibbs1058
9Judy Tierney1017
9Iain Cartwright1017
11Amy Ellis937
12Bernard Tierney926
13Chris Fernyhough917
14Brian Morris857
14Peter James Plumb857
16Robbie Fricker847
17Philip Clarke836
18Adam Fernyhough826
19Paul Everitt766
20Terry Fernyhough757
21Andy Maughan695
22Luke Chittenden655
23Jack Alcock635
23Theodore Penov635
23Mark Mellor635
26Daniel Hall544
27Marios Koutsimanis514
28Marian Denham403
29Yvonne Taylor222