Privacy and Cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer when you visit the site. Each time you access the website, the cookie is sent to the website server so that it knows your actions and preferences.

How do we use cookies?

  • We use cookies to enable us to identify registered members when they have logged in.
  • We only use cookies that are strictly necessary to enable registered members to use the parts of the site that are for members only.
  • We do not store any personal information in our cookies.
  • We do not use cookies for any analytical or advertising purposes.
  • We pass information to Google reCaptcha during registration and sign-in, to prevent automated attacks on the website.
  • We do not pass any information contained within cookies to any other third party or for any other purpose (except where required by law, for example to a government body or law enforcement agency).
  • If you are not registered as a member of the web site, we do not use cookies.