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The following articles contain references to the club or its members:

Basford hold court in superb year of tennis (The Sentinel, 22 March 2018)
Basford tennis players, both aged 80, play latest game in a series going back 20 years (The Sentinel, 28 October 2014)
Basford octogenarians prepare for tennis grudge match (The Sentinel, 25 October 2014)
Club serves up tennis courses (Sentinel, 25 April 2013)
Basford Lawn Tennis Club unveils refurbishment of historic courts (Sentinel, 08 April 2013)
Centre shows off new courts (Sentinel, 05 April 2013)
Tennis courts to be unveiled (The Sentinel, 25 March 2013)
Tennis club to reveal revamp refurb (Sentinel, 08 March 2013)
Exile Eardley attacks LTA for lack of support (Sentinel, 09 February 2013)
Eardley Holds Professional Ambition (Sentinel, 13 January 2012)
Tough challenge for Eardley (Sentinel, 24 August 2010)
England Duty for Basford Pair (Sentinel, 23 March 2010)
Basford Veteran Helps Win World Title For Great Britain (Sentinel, 24 November 2009)
Basford Hailed For Junior Programme (Sentinel, 20 October 2009)
Basford Girls At The Double (Sentinel, 15 September 2009)
Ellis Eyes Double Title Success (Sentinel, 18 August 2009)
Basford Veteran Gets Great Britain Call-Up (Sentinel, 30 June 2009)
Castle Youngster Served Up A Real Treat (Sentinel, 16 June 2009)
Newcastle Schools Ready For Tournament (Sentinel, 09 June 2009)
Schools to offer free coaching (Sentinel, 21 April 2009)
Basford and Draycott Claim Clubmark Status (Sentinel, 09 December 2008)
Rising Star Amy Handed Staffs Senior Place (Sentinel, 25 November 2008)
Basford Shoot Down RAF (Sentinel, 30 September 2008)
Basford Women's Clean Sweep (Sentinel, 16 September 2008)
RAF To Help Basford Celebrate Anniversary (Sentinel, 16 September 2008)
Basford Starlet Amy Nets Place At Wimbledon (Sentinel, 19 August 2008)
Basford 125th Anniversary (Sentinel, 05 August 2008)
Family of Rising Star Josh Make Cash Plea (Sentinel, 05 August 2008)
Star Amy Qualifies For A Place At Wimbledon (Sentinel, 08 July 2008)
Rising Star Josh Nets Spot in Top Academy (Sentinel, 01 July 2008)
North Staffs Duo Aim To Surge Up National Rankings (Sentinel, 18 March 2008)
Women step up battle to play in men's league (Sentinel, 19 February 2008)
Spanish trip proves to be an eye-opener (Sentinel, 04 December 2007)
Basford women on quest to break with tradition (Sentinel, 13 November 2007)
Langdale Infants school to serve up more of same (Sentinel, 09 October 2007)
Basford complete double (Sentinel, 09 October 2007)
Veteran teams to join the British elite (Sentinel, 02 October 2007)
League's top teams double up in cups (Sentinel, 25 September 2007)
Eardley displays super form to blitz opponents (Sentinel, 28 August 2007)
Henderson targets treble title success (Sentinel, 21 August 2007)
Basford ace seals a national spot (Sentinel, 14 August 2007)
Wimbledon calling (Sentinel, 26 June 2007)
Basford to use cash windfall for talent search (Sentinel, 08 May 2007)
County's youngsters braced for battle of Britain (Sentinel, 01 May 2007)
Clubs have mixed reaction to merger plan (Sentinel, 06 March 2007)
Local clubs look to make their mark on the national stage (Sentinel, 06 February 2007)
Andy on hand for grand display... (Evening Sentinel, 26 May 1992)
Basford Gift (Evening Sentinel, 02 June 1986)
Anyone for tennis? (Evening Sentinel, 16 May 1986)
Tennis club 'play-in' (Evening Sentinel, 03 March 1986)
Picture (Evening Sentinel, 27 January 1986)
SPARKLING START TO DIAMOND YEAR (Evening Sentinel, 27 January 1986)
Tennis 60th birthday (Evening Sentinel, 01 January 1986)
Strike marred Basford tennis joy in 1926 (Evening Sentinel, 18 May 1976)
'NO' TO PLANNING PLEA BY CLUB, BUT... (Evening Sentinel, 06 March 1976)
Application for squash courts is deferred (Evening Sentinel, 18 December 1975)
Tennis club plan squash courts (Evening Sentinel, 01 November 1975)
TOWN AND. COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1971 (Evening Sentinel, 24 July 1975)
Unaware they made tennis history (Evening Sentinel, 01 January 1974)
Picture (Evening Sentinel, 01 January 1957)
BASFORD LAWN TENNIS CLUB (Evening Sentinel, 08 February 1939)
GREAT DAY FOR LAWN TENNIS (Evening Sentinel, 12 May 1936)
FAMOUS TENNIS STARS VISIT BASFORD (Evening Sentinel, 11 May 1936)
TENNIS STARS AT BASFORD (Evening Sentinel, 11 May 1936)