Play Tennis

The club provides a variety of social and competitive play, from turn-up-and-play where anyone is welcome to join in, to regular and one-off organised events.

Social Tennis

Organised Social Tennis

Organised turn-up-and-play sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from about 18:30 onwards and Monday and Friday mornings from about 10:00. These sessions are open to any member; no booking is necessary. These are the best sessions to attend if you are thinking of joining the club and would like to meet some members and play a few games. Note that Thursday evenings are also used for some League matches in the summer, so you are best checking the Diary to check court availability. Occasionally there are special club events organised on these days, but nearly every week you can just turn up and join in the play.

Saturday Morning Social Tennis

Since 1960 there has been a weekly organised arranged-play event, known as the Saturday Morning Group or SMG, for play on Saturday mornings between 9:00 and 11:00. Unlike other social tennis at the club, play at this event must be pre-booked and is arranged so that there is an even number of players with no-one waiting to play. There are generally players who like to continue playing after 11 o'clock and non-booked members are welcome to turn up from 10.30 onwards to mix-in. Each week’s play is advertised in the Events section of the club web site approximately two weeks in advance. Members wanting to play must register an account on the club web site, and use this to indicate the SMG events in which they would like to participate. They must also subscribe to the SMG email list, which is used to send out information about who is scheduled to play. Further details about it can be found in the SMG Organisation page.

Informal Social Tennis

Informal social tennis can be played at any time when the courts are not booked for matches, tournaments, team practices, coaching or organised social play. The club has an on-line court booking system which can be used to book up to one hour per day. If there are free slots, members can book more than one hour on the day.

Competitive Tennis

City & Suburban Tennis League

In the spring and summer, Basford enters several teams into the City & Suburban Tennis League.

Staffordshire Inter Club Tennis League

Basford enters two men's teams and a ladies' team into the Staffordshire Inter Club Tennis League, which is also played through the spring and summer.

Winter Ladder

During the autumn and winter months the club runs a doubles Winter Ladder for adults on Wednesday evenings. The ladder is mixed sex and consists of divisions of 4 players playing three one-set doubles matches, partnering each of the other three players in turn. The player winning the most games is promoted and the player winning the least games is demoted.

Singles League

We intend to introduce a singles league in the spring of 2023.

Club Championship

A Club Championship is held most years in the late summer. You can view the results since 2000.

Care Of Courts

The club has a few simple court commandments that members and guests must follow when using the courts.