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Langdale Infants school to serve up more of same

TENNIS by Jackie Thorley

SIX-WEEK tennis course at a Newcastle school proved such a hit with a group of seven-year-olds, they have persuaded their teacher to secure funding to extend the project. The children at Langdale Infants School in Clayton became hooked on the sport when Basford coach Mike Armstrong set up an afterschool club. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on several classmates who asked to join in. But with only 16 places available, the only answer was to increase the number of coaching sessions on offer. School physical education co-ordinator Tricia Hall said: "Mike is an outstanding coach and the skills the children achieved over such a short time were astonishing. "They loved the sessions so much we found we had more than 30 children wanting to take part, but not enough places for them. "They have loads of fun, but at the same time benefit from the exercise as well as Improving their hand-eye coordination and team skills." The project was initially set-up for Year Two pupils, with cash from the government-backed School Sport Partnership Programme. The school has now gained extra funding to provide coaching until the end of next summer for the remaining Year Two pupils and also for youngsters in Year One and Reception.

Sentinel, 09 October 2007
Courtesy of The Sentinel News & Media

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